Saturday, January 2, 2010


A team from EMAUSA has just arrived today in Liberia -- Nancy and Jim Molenhouse, son John, daughter Katie, daughter and son-in-law Crystal and Nate Miller.  They are being joined in a couple of days by Clip Kniffin and David Parker.  Nancy and kids will stay about 10 days, the rest of the men a week longer.

During that time, they will be

·         meeting with the scholarship committee
·         putting a roof on the Suzie Guenter orphanage  classroom building
·         repairing the generators and well
·         hosting a reception for the ELWA staff
·         hosting Orphan Joy Christmas parties for several orphanages. 

We work closely with Christine Tolbert Norman through her organization REAP in our orphan outreaches, and partner with REAP in hosting Orphan Joy parties at Phebe Grey orphanage as well as Susie Guenter orphanage.  At both parties they will shared the love of Jesus through games, gifts, balloon art, stories, and special treats.

Also, be praying for these two trips coming up in the next three months, that the Lord would provide the personnel, funding, logistics, and safety to most effectively be used for His glory.

David Frazee, an electrician and ELWA MK, is going to ELWA at the end of February, in response to a need expressed by Steve Kjer.  Steve says, “I am praying for a team to go with me to rebuild the ELWA power distribution system. Power line and pole hardware has just arrived at ELWA. I am praying that the Lord would provide a team that would include at least one power lineman and at least one electrician.” 
The entire electrical grid for the ELWA compound is in desperate need of an overhauling.  David is only able to go for a week, but a contractor friend is going to be with him, checking out teaching Business and Bible teaching opportunities. 

Dan Snyder is leading a team to Liberia for our March 2010 Missions Trip, leaving March 20. They will be having nightly youth rallies (of the 3.5 m people half are 15 and younger, average age is 18) showing the "Jesus" film, and “Angel in Ebony”, the Sammie Morris story.  They will also be conducting several days of management/leadership workshops for several NGO/mission organizations and holding several days of meetings with various government officials regarding some crucial needs in Liberia and foreign involvement. 

David Jones, son of Howard O. and Wanda Jones, and Annette de la Haye Cooper, daughter of Ray and Sophie De la Haye, will be going as a part of this team. Dan Snyder says, " I believe God has anointed each of them with a powerful message of hope and healing thru a personal relationship with our Lord."

Please prayfully consider supporting these teams in prayer, financially, or joining a team.  There is a special need for electricians with David Frazee's team.

Contact information:

P.O. Box 36
Wheaton, IL  60187

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  1. Just thought I would add my blog for you to follow our March Liberia trip. Dan Snyder has asked me to join his team. It is an honor. I will be going just over a week earlier than the USA team. I will be with Christine Norman. Then moving to ELWA to join Dan and the team. Here is the blog address: Put it as a favorite and follow us in prayer. Thanks, Annette de la Haye Cooper