Thursday, December 31, 2009



Praise the LORD for such a wonderful plan that you people have concerning the work that you people are doing here in Liberia. Well, the Tokeh Family greatly appreciates the supports that loving and caring people are giving to see young Liberians acquire quality education. The entire family is thankful to God for using all of you people in making Jacob and many other Liberian children become the kind of persons that God wants them to be.

Since Jacob got promoted to the 4th grade, he has repeatedly told his parents and even other members our family that he would like to become a Medical Doctor(MD) when he grows up. In school, he has taken keen interest in two subjects-Arithmetics and Science. He tells me that his teachers of the above subjects are making him develop more likeness for the subjects. His grades in these two subjects are always from "B+" and above.

Interestingly, at home little Jacob and few of his cousins have made their own source of continuous current by connecting used primary cells (battery) to provide light for our parcel. At times I wonder how little children like he (Jacob) and his friends got to understand and even applied some of basic concepts of electricity. It still puzzles me but I strongly believed it is all because of what God has placed in him that can be realized thru the acquisition of sound education. Indeed, he is still a kid but there seems to be a special talent or gifting that this child possesses, and when he is able to acquire the kind of education that match-up with his ambition, he will be very useful to his country and even all mankind.

Again, our family wholeheartedly appreciates all that God is doing thru you people to bring His divine plan and purpose to fruition for little Jacob and the rest of the children you people are supporting thru this scholarship program. May God richly bless u all for being a blessing in the live of one of His hand-made.


I thank God for this time to be able to express to you all something that the LORD has laid on my heart to appeal to you all for. I hope that this communication finds you all in good health as I trust.

Well, as you may be aware, I am now completing my studies at the University Of Liberia. I have desired to get into a computer school to adequately equip myself with computer skills which will place me in a better position for the job market in Liberia and even our global village. In my quest to see my dream become a reality, I was able to ask a couple from US (that came on some missionary work and I worked for at a school that they operated) for a laptop and they did send it thru EMS (a Liberian courier entity) in August 2009. Very unfortunately for me, this laptop has not reached me up to present. I believe it has gotten stolen in the mail.

However, when i learned thru the recent email from Nancy that they will be making a trip to Liberia in early January 2010, I have decided to appeal to all of you people to please assist me in getting one used laptop that I could be able to repay for when they come to Liberia. I have saved about US $ 250.00 for this purpose. I hope that all of you will please consider this seriously for me. I seek to empower myself in order to help myself, family and even others.

I hope to hear from you people soon. Good day and God Bless!

Justyn, Jr

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  1. My mom, Betty Thompson, just got this exciting word from Dave Parker: "Just this morning, David Parker came by with his son Seth who is going with him to ELWA next week. He told us about this Acer laptop he got at Walmart this week for $250. I had told him about Justyn Jr.'s need and he said he'd be happy to take one to him. So Dad wrote him a check and David is going to pick one up for Justyn. Just pray that this one will arrive safely and into his hands! "